DOG (Artwork starring Fenris)

(Sigh) it is hard looking your best when the Mom insist on doing artwork out of your photographs, but I thinks we got some good ones.

Here I am looking all mysterious.

And here we have multiple Fenris, silly Mommy doesn't she know there is only one ME!

And here I am in charcoal. ~Fenris, artist model for ATCAD


  1. Oh Fenris please show me the multiple trick... that would be the perfect easter gift for my staff... 87 Easy's :o)
    easy rider

    1. Mommy thinks it was feedback in Paint Shop, she can't remember for sure. She just hits buttons until we wind up with something she likes. ~Fenris

  2. Good job modeling Fenris! Those turned out just great!

    Hugs, Sammy

  3. WE agree with Lee and Phod... You are a terrrrrrrrrrrific Subject fur Art.
    BTW... do you suppose ART has a Last Name?

  4. Beautiful!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  5. That is very cool :) But you are an excellent subject!!

  6. How lovely you are in those art works. I like the one with you in the charcoal drawing.

  7. I like you all mysterious best!

  8. Very cool art, we love each of them! Happy Easter to you all!

  9. those came out fantastic! Fenris's coloring works perfect in those!


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