Frolicking Floral Adeventures with Socks

Would you like to come exploring with me?

The Chinese Witch Hazel is simply stunning.

After it rains we has a little stream.

It is a nice place to take a drink or go wading on hot days.

Now hurry along, we has lots to do.

The verbena is blooming, Mommy needs to weed the flowerbed so it will have a chance to wow you.

While she does that I am going to spy on her from under this Camilla.

Now it is time for a rest. My furs blend in nicely with this floral cushion.

Notice how I studiously ignore the fact Mom is taking my picture.

In fact I thinks I will just snooze for a bit.

The Johnny Jump ups are such happy plants.

The tomatoes, red basil (Mommy grew the basil from seeds so they are really little, if you looks really close in the middle you can see it), sage and lemon balm are doing well. We may have tomatoes soon.

Mommy got a Gogi Berry at the grocery store. We hopes it does well.

OK, I am going back to the Butterfly Garden for awhile, you are welcome to join me.

This is the best tasting water ever. ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Socks you sure do have a fabulous yard/garden to explore.....and a fresh water stream too! WOW......I hope you enjoy all that good "sniffing" you have there!!!!! I wish I had the same......

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. Oh I do and the squirrels are plentiful this year.

  2. You have the best places to explore. Thanks for taking us along.

  3. Everything looks great. I hope the Goji berry goes well, I have never seen that around here.

  4. The human never heard of Goji berries. She had to look it up.

    Looks like you are enjoying the spring garden. What a great place to catnap!

  5. dood !! thanx for de inn vite...we wood love ta come a long on yur toor....hay. later on ya wanna go bak two de streem N due sum fishin !! :) ♥♥

  6. I'd love to investigate your garden, but there are loads of nice smells to sniff :-)

  7. That was so much fun! You mind if I teleport on over to play. Your garden looks BEAUTIFUL, for sure.


  8. That was so much fun! You mind if I teleport on over to play. Your garden looks BEAUTIFUL, for sure.


  9. The flowers and plants are beautiful, but the little stream is my favorite. And you DO look gorgeous on that cushion!

    Love and licks,

  10. How lovely your garden is, complete with some refreshing water. And your greenhouse delights make us jealous,MOL!


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