Thursday in the Garden

 All these plants are outside now, it would be way to hot in the Greenhouse for them but they overwintered in the Greenhouse nicely. We thoughts we would tell you how they did and how we cared for them.  The Ruby Leaf got really tall and straggly, Mommy trimmed the branches off  and used them for a flower arrangement. Best of all the little white flowers do great in dried arrangements. And although the leafs fall off the red stems provide a nice punch of color in dried arrangements.

 Lemon Slice Superbells, they have been blooming up a storm.

 The Royal Purple Queen, it bloomed profusely in the Greenhouse but started looking sickly right before we got it out. We thinks it got to hot and humid for it in the greenhouse. Mommy sprayed it down with a fungicide, gave it some fertilizer and we put it outside and it perked right up.

Floral Lace Picotee Dianthus

 Lemon Zest Lantana. Mommy trimmed it back and it came back nicely and is blooming beautifully.

We forgots to mention Mommy trimmed some of the Royal Purple Queens branches and she managed to root ONE.  ~ATCAD


  1. I have never seen the Royal Purple Queen before, sooo pretty!

  2. Those are beautiful flowers, the only one I ever heard of was dianthus.

  3. guys....yur mom haza green thumb.....way kewl thurzday in de garden post two day !!!
    we will hafta see if some oh theeze will grown in de trout towne "zone" !!! ♥♥♥

  4. Purrty beyond our imagination...some of those we have not known about. The world around us is so wonderfur to discover and explore.


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