Wisteria & Other Garden Favourites

We has lots of things blooming right now.

Our special favorite are our Wisteria, we has a White Wisteria and a Purple Wisteria.

We also loves our Azaleas, this one is down at the pond and it is bigger and has more blooms than all the other azaleas. This is really funny because the reason it is down here all by it's lonesome is Daddy said it was going to die and refused to drag it up to the house to plant it with the others. Mommy tried to drag it up to the house but this was as far as she got so she just planted it here and it THRIVED.

Now as to why it was way down here in the first place well the people that owned the house before us planted it next to the house. Bad idea considering how BIG it gets. So Daddy cut them down and dug them up and put them under the oak tree until he could move them beside the driveway where they look much better. He didn't think this one was going to make it so.....................

They do have dwarf azaleas that you can plant next to your house but these obviously aren't dwarfs, we don't know if the people just didn't realize there are different size azaleas or if they just didn't care. ~ATCAD 


  1. Such beautiful flowers. Our Wisteria hasn't flowered yet but there are buds on it this year, I haven't been able to get at them to chew them off yet!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. so happy you saved it, it is just gorgeous!

  3. your wisterias are wonderful! I wish we had such good luck with plants too :o)
    easy rider

  4. Everything looks great :) I can't wait til our stuff starts blooming.

  5. Those are so beautiful!
    Sometimes the trash is destined to become a treasure!! Glad it didn't get trashed:))

  6. That azalea is so beautiful. Mom would love to add some of those to our fenceline but she has not had any good luck over the winter with azaleas here. She loves your wisteria too:)

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. Those sure are pretty and we're glad your Mom saved them!

  8. Those are all so beautiful. We didn't realize how big some azaleas can get.

  9. Wonderful wisterias how i wish the would grow here :) loves Fozziemum xxx


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