Nerissa from Nerissa's Life
We don't know what to say. Our friend Nerissa has gone to the Rainbow Bridge. We are very sad, but we were touched to learn a young feral kitten has been named Nerissa in his honor, we hopes Little Nissy will be as well loved as our friend Nerissa was and that he will have lots of opportunities to say Mouses.

Nerissa liked flowers so we has planted this Cuphea in his memory. We thinks this is Cuphea ignea aka Firecracker Cuphea, but we aren't 100% certain as far as we are concerned it will be known as Mouses Cuphea. We thinks Nissy would have liked it Socks loves nibbling on cuphea. Mommy googled it to make sure it was OK for cats to eat and we discovered it is good for your heart. ~ATCAD 


  1. That was a wonderful tribute to Nissy.

  2. We are sorry to hear about your friend. She would be honored that you planted that flower in her name.


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