Saturday Sharing - Flowers from the Phone


Some mystery vine that Daddy brought the seeds home.



Ornamental Pepper Mommy grew from the seeds she collected last year.

Mommy planted us some tomatoes along with some herbs.

Red Buckeye, we are hoping Daddy will plant it this fall.

Mommy got smart (FINALLY) and took pictures of the names of the plants she bought at the Herb Fest,  so she wouldn't forget their names.


Washington Hawthorne.

This is very sad. Our Cape Honeysuckle was doing so well we got Youngest Boy to plant it in the yard. Then the rains came, we got to much rain. It drowned.

Mommy tried to save it she put some moisture control things out around it then scooped up the gel she filled 2 gallon buckets up with gel, then she put some nice dry dirts around it but it still died.


Grancy Graybeard

Wild Clover


Lily of the Nile, before Daddy murdered it.

Yellow Hibiscus


Goji Berry


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Wish we had some of these in our yard......we have so much shade now we can't do much more than hostas and impatiens!

    Hugs, Sammy

    1. Maybe you could try some Coleus. We are very fond of ours and they like shade. We received a subscription to Fine Gardening for Mother's Day , so we will try to share ideas for shade plants. We are hoping to do something around our oak trees.

  2. I love each and every one. I LOVE wild flowers in particular and I take as many pictures as I can each Spring and summer. I post to Flickr so they aren't usually on Katie's blog or my own. But I appreciate these VERY much. I wish I were there to enjoy them in person. That is an enviable number of flowers and beauty. Is the magnolia in your yard also? One of my favorite tree flowers and that is the Grandiflora magnolia. Their blossoms when opened fully are salad plate sized here. I smiled when I saw the pictures of the names as when I go to the arboretum, there are times I must take a quick picture of the names as I go along. I have an App on my iPhone called Wildflowers that you might like to find and use. VERY handy.

    1. Yes the Magnolia is in our yard. Unfortunately it is near the road so we don't get to enjoy it much. Mommy got the picture when she was going to the mailbox. We would like to have another Grandiflora magnolia in a better location. We also have some Sweet Bay Magnolia's growing wild and we have a Saucer Magnolia but it never really recovered from the beaver eating it.

      We will have to look for the Wildflower app in the Google Play Store.

  3. What a full-time job for the humans and snoopervising kitties! I would definitely have to tag all those plants to remember their names. How sad you lost your lovely cape honeysuckle :(

  4. Your lovely pictures put me to shame. We don't have one flower in our 3 acres that isn't a weed. Gardening just isn't my thing. I wish it was, but it isn't.

  5. MOL MOL MOL Mystery Vine. I love a good mystery. I hope it surprises you with something beautiful. OMCs mom just noticed to blooms on our tomato plants. She is happy and hoping the tree rats don't have a taste for them
    Hugs madi your bfff
    ps all of your blooms are fantastic

  6. WOW! Your mom must have 87 green thumbs! Your dad's mystery vine looks just like a butterfly!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Your stroll of your blooms and other plants is like a trio to the local arboretum/gardens!! Thanks for sharing them all with us!

    We, too have more weeds than 'real flowers'...but well, they do stay green during the dry spells, MOL!!

  8. You have more things growing in your yard than we do. It's all beautiful.


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