Tuiren Tuesday

You want to know how I scared my Mommy to death??????

It was simple really see I am a sleepy head. I am always the last one up. Usually I stays in bed until Mommy comes outside and drinks her second cup of coffee on the porch swing. So she had finally stumbled outside with her coffee and settled into the swing to enjoy her coffee break when she heard me fall out of my dog house. She looked over and I couldn't stand up, in fact one entire side of my body wasn't working. So all these terrible things are running through Mommy's mind. She rushed over to bundle me in the car and rush me to the vet, but she wanted to be sure she didn't hurt me worse when she picked me up so she was running her hand over me to find out where I was hurt. And she noticed my paws were turned under and she was rubbing my legs and...............................................All of a sudden I sprang up and started jumping up on her and running in circles.

Silly Mommy my paws had just gone to sleep. Has your paws ever gone to sleep on you????? ~Tuiren, reporting on how silly her Mommy is


  1. That was a very cheeky trick to play on Mommy!
    (and one I shall store up to use on my Mum later, HeHe!)
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. Humans freak out over the silliest things, it not like I haven't seen HER stumbling around complaining her foot is asleep. ~Tuiren

  2. Gah, T.!!! That gave Mom a heart attack just reading it! My paws are always awake. I hope if they ever fall asleep that Mom isn't home. I'm pretty sure she can't handle it.

    Love and licks,

  3. Oh no....don't scare your Mommy like that!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  4. I've had that happen to me before but never that bad. I can only imagine what my pawrents would do if I was as bad as you. It would likely be similar to your mom's reaction.

    I love that picture of you play bowing. Can I come over and play with you?



  5. Tuiren i would have had a fit!!! i mean crikey mate...i know i thought Forrest had had a stroke..turns out it was a snake bite but still i was freaking..i hope you gave Mum a big kiss after that! loves Fozziemum xx

  6. That would be very scary! We fell out of bed before but no sleepy paws.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. oh my you gave her such a scare Tuiren!! My Mom would have been terrified! Hoping all is ok, I have never had that happen. Barks and licks and love, Dakota

  8. Your poor mom--we know she was really awake after that! We are so very glad you just slept crooked ;-)

  9. That was scary! Glad you ar eOK! Thank you for stopping by our blog and commenting over the past few weeks. Mom promises to get her act together and start visiting and commenting again. She is still blue over losing Lily.

  10. That would be very scary for your Mommy! I would be terrified if that happened to my kitties. I'm really glad that you are okay and it was just a case of sleepy feet.

  11. That has happened with our Phod. Now I know to wait a bit before I completely freak out!

  12. Yikes! That would have sent my growlmy to the ER, fur herself, and then she would have needed to get pawppy to come and take me to the doggy ER...
    Carefur when you try to walk on feet that are soooooooo....sleeppy...


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