Tuiren Tuesday

Fenris, will be going to get his flu shot Thursday. They were out when he went for his annual shots due to the outbreak of Canine Influenza in Chicago.  Now that they have it in, he has an appointment to go get it. Guess I will miss my walk as Mommy will probably leave me home.

When she took him for his annual shots I was very worried. I sat by the gate the entire time they were gone waiting for Mommy to bring him HOME. As soon as they got home I started licking him and making sighing noises. Mommy says she guess I love him (D'oh, did it take her that long to figure out I loves my brother), she is more use to me biting him. I am a very bad girl and bully Fenris terribly, luckily he has lots of hair around his neck, and I usually gets a mouthful of hair. He just growls at me when I bites him. Mommy says if he ever gets tired of me being a bully I will be in trouble. I say GIRLS RULE BOYS DROOL! Although Mommy says I drool more than Fenris, although since they got the stick out of my mouth I don't drool as much. Mommy calls me the B word, which we aren't allowed to say in polite company, and she says that the boys (Socks & Fenris) are much nicer than me and Scylla. Really me and Scylla are not bullies and the B word,  just because we keep the guys in line. You don't think we are bullies do you? Mommy says even if I was as nice as PIE, I would still be the B word since I am a female dog. Are all female doggies bullies to their brothers?  ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD

PeeS: Remember to have your peeps ask your veterinarian what vaccinations you need. We gets an extra vaccine because we are exposed to wildlife. We gets vaccinated for Leptospirosis, do you?


  1. My vet would never skip a shot. She loves to poke and stick me with things. Did you already have your flu shot, T.?

    Love and licks,

    1. Yes, I get my annual checkup and shots earlier in the year.

  2. Hoping the flu doesn't come your way! In Chicago, they found out the shots they were administering did NOT protect the dogs from the strain of flu that they saw in Chicago...not sure if they came out with one that did work or not.

  3. Oh Tuiren we (Millie & Walter) love each very much and also worry when one of us is gone. I think you know from some of the videos we show how much Millie beats up on Walter. We also get the Leptospirosis vaccine too.

  4. All female doggies were called the "B" word for decades. Male doggies were called "dogs". Some people still feel that way today. My family thinks dogs are "dogs" regardless of gender.

    You better go easy on your pal Fenris today. He might not feel so great after his vaccination :(

  5. Ciara says that B word must stand for Beauty:) We have our vaccinations to protect us too.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  6. Right now our dogtur isn't recommending a flu shot for us. BUTT we have all the other ones we need!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Tuiren, we hope they hurry home from the vet so you don't miss Fenris for very long.

  8. Turien, you might consider knocking that off. That is not nice to Fenris.

  9. Oh, oh...Fenris gets a stab from the stabby pawlace, and you stab him in the neck with your toothies, BOL!!

    Hope that flu starts to go away, its scary fur us senior pups.


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