Scylla Sunday

 The Gardenias are blooming, for some reasons ours blooms later than everyone else's. They sure do smell good. Unfortunately ours bloomed during the period of torrential downpours so they didn't look pretty for long, the rain turned them brown.

 Gardenias and Magnolias are very delicate flowers.

 Our Magnolia bloomed too, it is the state flower of Mississippi.

 Mommy got creative with the camera.

 Candy Root, it is yellow. Mommy wanted to take a picture of it in macro mode as it is very small. Maybe one day she will figure out how to use the camera.

 The Yellow Bells.

 I spies something in the grass. I'll check it out while Mommy shows you the hydrangeas.

 They are a lovely shade of bluish purple this year.

 OK, the candy root in color.

Oh what did I spy, a mouse. Would you like to help me catch it? ~Scylla, reporting for ATCAD


  1. I am a good mouser so I will help. Mommy's gardenias died with the two big ice storms we had. She is still very sad.

  2. Pretty flowers, Scylla. Our magnolias actually did better this year...bloomed a little later and stayed around longer than previous years.

  3. Very nice flowers, but my favorite photos are the ones of you Scylla.

  4. I would love to help you catch a mouse, but the human doesn't allow me outside. We hope you caught that mouse!

  5. Meowmy loves your flowers, but we think we want to help you snag a mousie!


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