Thursday in the Garden with Socks

The Lantana

The Plumeria, Ornamental Peppers and Firecracker Cuphea.

Mommy grew the Ornamental Peppers from seed, we are astounded by how well they are doing and the Cuphea broke off from the one she planted at the Hummingbird Cottage so she rooted it. She was afraid it wouldn't survive if she planted it in a flower bed so she stuck it in this pot. It wound up looking kinda nice together, even if it wasn't planned.

The Yellow Bells

The Trumpet Vine, we are pretty sure that it should be blooming later in the Summer, we haven't seen any others blooming around town. It didn't bloom at all for the first two years we had it, so we are just glad to see it blooming even if it is early.

That's what I thought Mommy really, really needs to weed this bed.

The front flowerbed looks nice. I think Mommy is finally finished with it.

It has roses, cuphea, Goldflame Honeysuckle, Clematis,  Mexican Sage, Salvia, Butterflyweed and Milkweed in it.

The Mexican Sage is blooming.

Butterfly Flower

Royal Purple Queen

The back flowerbed has lots of Whirling Butterflies in it, as you can tell Mommy likes plants with Butterfly in the name.

Mommy FINALLY found some Native Milkweed, she has been looking for it forever. This is actually called White Swamp Weed. Not to be confused with the Tropical Butterflyweed sold at most garden centers. Some research has shown that Tropical Butterlyweed can disrupt the Monarch Butterflies migratory patterns, which is bad.

We found this wonderful blog that explains about it.
There are over 100 native species of Milkweed (Asclepias) in North America. The best choice for Milkweed you can make is to pick species for your butterfly garden that are native to your local area. The Monarchs have thousands of years of interaction with these plants and  are well adapted to them. Locally native species die back each winter, only to grow again each spring.
When you add lots of locally native species of Asclepias to your butterfly garden, you are helping to make a difference for Monarch Butterflies and to preserve the amazing phenomenon of Monarch Migration. So please learn more about which Milkweeds are the most important for your garden ~Carole Sevilla Brown
Please visit Native Plants and Wildlife Gardens to read more.

The Gardenia down at the Butterfly Garden looks nice.

Hold on a second I think I spot an intruder.

I'll be back in a second.

Shasta Daisy

Firecracker Cuphea and Candy Corn Cuphea.

Mommy got some succulents, so they wouldn't need to be watered.

I really like The Hobbit.

The catnip looks nice to bad it is on the back porch with THE DOGS.

The Hydrangea, we had pink and blue blooms on the same bush. It looked kinda nice.

The Red Thread, Blue Daze and ..............................

We don't remember it's name, but it is cheerful.

Mommy says I am a busy beaver as I walk to the Hummingbird Cottage and back to the house every time she does.

Purple heart and Lantana.

Close up of the Red Thread, it is really RED.

That concludes our gardening tour, I hopes you enjoyed it. ~Socks, gardening for ATCAD


  1. Trumpet vine is so versatile and pretty. Do you grow catnip from seed? Mama is doing that and I'm waiting.........................................................a long time.

    1. Mommy isn't very good with seeds so we buy young plants. She got this one in March at the Herb and Garden Festival in Ocean Springs. Mommy hasn't ever been able to keep it alive over the winter.

  2. Beautiful flowers
    Buttie Pillars luffs and luffs milkweed and Monarch buttie pillars are very pretty
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. Such a beautiful garden. Wish our garden looked that nice. You do a great job of tending to it and keep the weeds away.

  4. Thanks for the garden tour, Socks. It was great.

  5. A very pretty garden filled with wonderful plants.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Terrific tour, Socks - thanks. We hope the new milkweed draws lots and lots of beautiful butterflies.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. Wow, you sure live in a flower furendly area!
    We ddn't know that about the monarchs needing native species...thanks for the info!

  8. What a tour, Socks! You two kitties have been very busy snoopervising. "Good job" to Mommy for helping the monarchs :)

  9. dood...we enjoyed de toor...manee thanx N dai$y says thanx for featuring.....a dai$y.... !!

    we hafta see if plumeria will grow in trout towne; we like that one lotz....hope ya get ta see lotz oh butterflies this yeer & tell mom de nip kneads to come inn side !!!!

    Heerz two a longnose whiptail catfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  10. Such a cute kitty!
    Thanks for sharing at

  11. Great tour, your really know your plants Socks. I bet you get lots of hummingbirds and butterflies.

  12. Such a great garden! Thanks for sharing...
    Have a super duper Friday!

    Noodle and crew


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