Thursday in The Garden

Mommy had rooted a Cape Honeysuckle to give away, when our large one drowned Mommy planted it in place of the big one, we will try to root another one to give away later.  Mommy dumped large bags of moisture control potting soil in the hole first and she fixed it where the water kinda slopes away from the plant so Mommy thinks this one will be OK.

The Blue Daze.

The Lantana is doing well.

The Tiger Lilies are putting on a show now, they looks very exotic.

We hopes you enjoyed our garden tour. ~ATCAD


  1. Beautiful flowers there...those Lilies are spectacular
    Love and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Everything sure is pretty!

  3. Hope your honeysuckle does well there.

    Tiger lilies! They roar right?? Just kidding, MOL! They are so pretty!

  4. guys...thanx....KNOT ......ta de naybor hood harez....we haz NOE...tiger lillies, they even eated de stalks ...faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    scylla...iz that ewe we see at de door ! ???

    Heerz two a climbin catfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥

  5. You always have such lovely flowers in your yard. The human especially likes the blue one--any blue flower! We hope this cape honeysuckle does well :)

  6. Mom thinks one of the flowers in our deck pots was supposed to be lantana. It is pink and looks like your yellow flowers, but the leaves are different. Good luck with the honeysuckle - that has such a sweet smell to it.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. Paws crossed the honeysuckle will do well.

  8. Blue is my favorite color- I love that blue daze, it looks truly blue and not purple like so many "blue" are.

    1. It is really blue. We agree a lot of blue flowers really look purple to us, but this one is true blue.


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