Thursday in the Garden

 Daddy made this Extra-Large planter to go over our septic system. He made it out of cedar so it should last awhile, but watering the plants is a little problematic so Mommy decided to put succulents and cactus in there and let them depend on the rain to survive.
 This cactus has pretty white blooms, the bud looks pretty interesting too. Unfortunately it poured down rain the day it bloomed so we don't have a picture. They only last for a day. It'll probably bloom again.

 These plants seem to need a lot of water so Mommy put them near the Septic Systems Sprinklers.

 Some of Daddy's wildflowers found their way into Mommy's Flower Bed.

 The Swamp Milkweed.

 Mommy finally got Whiskers' grave weeded.

 Charybdis' grave stays nice and neat.

 The Chinese Witch Hazel.

 Mommy was doing weird things with the camera again. The purple blooms from the Vitex. They are kinda hard to see they are so small and delicate. They show up much better in this picture than they do with the one in regular colors.

 Mommy is trying to train our Wisteria to be trees.

 And now we has some singing cats in our yard.

 The Tiger Lily's had lots of blooms on them.

This is our Vitex. It is doing OK this year. Not sure if you can see it has really delicate purple blooms, they show up better in the picture above where only the purple blooms are in color. ~ATCAD & The Singing Cats, with your Thursday gardening report


  1. Beautiful garden, I luffs to see the wild flowers 'cos they's my Buttie Pillars favourites
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Mor beautiful garden shots!!! Mom loves the witch hazel!!!

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  3. Very nice garden - please come by and link up your pix at

  4. guys...happee ta see sum one haz tiger lilleez that bloomed.....we had sum tiger lilleez....
    HAD...coz de naybor hoodz harez ate em.....kleer...down....two

    faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~~~~~~~~~~~


  5. Lovely garden...we like the singing cats too.

    The Florida Furkids

  6. We love strolling through your garden. It has been so wet our mom hasn't been able to get out and get pictures. When it isn't raining the mosquitoes are so bad she doesn't want to stay out there very long.

  7. Your garden is such a delight!

    We love those singing kitties...what ditty are they mewing?

  8. Nice photos!
    Thanks for dropping by to link up.


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