From Samantha

Socks' lovely fiancee sent him a card for his birthday and he was so thrilled by it, he wanted to share it with you.


For Samantha's eyes only, Samantha dear, thank you for the lovely card. I love you too. ~Yours forever, Socks

My dear friends (Pipo, Minko & MJF) sent me this card, I just figured out how to open it. They have a sick doggie (Mr Jack Freckles)  so if you can send some healing purrs and POTP I know it would be appreciated.


  1. Hi! That's a cute card you got! We sent you one, too in the comments of Friends on Friday it is again in case you missed it:

    Have a great weekend, thanks fur the POTP fur Dog-guy he is slowly getting better. Sorry we are sort of AWOL due to all the critter needs and meowmy;s work...

    1. Thanks you so much, Mommy just figured out how to open it. She is kinda silly that way. It's lovely.

    2. Belive me we understand about being AWOL.

    3. So glad you found and liked your card, Socks!

  2. We didn't know Socks was engaged. Such a lovely card she sent.

  3. What a gorgeous card! Have a lovely weekend - purrs from the Zee and Zoey Gang!

  4. What a lovely card ! Have a great weekend ! Purrs


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