Mo Cats Day

 Since today is Mo Cats Day, we decided to post pictures of the lovely Tsarina Artemisia aka Arty Mouse. We misses her so much ..............



  1. I am so sorry about your kitty. I'm sure she will find her way back...they do that.

  2. Arty is such a special and stunning kitty. There must be something magical about her because my human misses her too, and she's never even met her.

    1. That is so sweet, we though she was magical we still do.

  3. Arty sure is a beautiful kitty. We hope someday she finds her way home.

  4. arty....hay ewe gorgeouz.....theeze R awesum fotoz.....N ya noe what else wood bee awesum....if ewe wood come back home........♥♥♥

  5. If she returns then fur sure she will be the Mo Kitty!
    Sending hugs and we hopes fur a miracle to get her home.

  6. Oh where did you go little Arty? We miss you and we hope that one day you turn up again.

    Mungo & Jet

  7. We miss you too beautiful Arty.

  8. We wish you could have returned home, Arty, but guess we need to hope someone took you in and you are doing well.

  9. We Miss Arty, too! She was loads of fun and she had the most beautiful fur markings!
    Samantha & Mom


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