Scylla Sunday

Whew, I am safe from the monsters who invaded my house out here. No monsters in sight, and I don't hear any meowing.

No, I don't care for them at all.

It was just a freak accident that I was sitting in a chair in the dining room and they were playing with my tail.  I was growling and hissing the ENTIRE TIME! Is it my fault the little monsters are too stupid to be afraid of me!

~Scylla, grumbling for ATCAD


  1. Well, that doesn't sound like fun!

  2. What a beautiful cat!
    Hope you'll come link up at

  3. I'm pretty sure you're too beautiful and delicate to be as scary as you think, S. Tough luck.

    Love and licks,

    1. MOL you are probably the only one who has ever referred to Scylla as delicate. She is built like a football player, but we thank you for the compliment. She is busy preening over being called beautiful and delicate. ~Socks

  4. they played with your tail? oh wow then I would growl too... :o) Enjoy an easy sunday on your pillow :o)

  5. Scylla, we were outnumbered!

  6. We're glad you can retreat outside for some peace and quiet! Those little monsters always have way too much energy to behave ;-)

  7. Oh my that is too much Scylla..young ones really do test the patience :) although that sounds like they are getting healthier! which is great news ..loves Fozziemum xx

  8. We're glad you can find sanctuary outside in the garden with your mom. We bet those little things will grow on you when they get a little bigger.

  9. Glad yous got sum peace. Lookin' good.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  10. Scylla, you are very sweet to just growl and hiss. Years ago, a little monster chased after KaChoo, not even pulling her tail and the monster left with 5 bandages.

  11. We're glad you found a quiet spot kittens-free ! Purrs

  12. They gotta learn that tails are not wand toys to be pounced upon, MOL!!

    Glad you got some kitten free time in your lovely garden. (Don't tell them about your retreat or one day they might follow there, too, and then you will have no peace! Yikes! Purrish that thought...)


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