Yin & Yang (National Feral Cat Day)

As you can imagine this is a cause very dear to our hearts.

Feral cats are not socialized to people. And therefore, they are not adoptable. Feral cats don’t belong indoors and are typically wary of us. However, as members of the domestic cat species (just like pet cats), they are protected under state anti-cruelty laws.

Feral cats should not be taken to pounds and shelters.
Feral cats’ needs are not met by the current animal control and shelter system, where animals who are not adoptable are killed. Feral cats live full, healthy lives outdoors—but are killed in shelters. Even no-kill shelters can’t place feral cats in homes. Learn more about the animal control system.

Feral kittens can be adopted. Feral kittens can often be adopted into homes, but they must be socialized at an early age. There is a crucial window, and if they aren’t handled in time, they will remain feral and therefore unadoptable. Learn more about kittens and socialization.

Read more at Ally Cat Allies.

The story of how we came to be at ATCAD, when we were approximately 4 weeks old. There are a bunch of cats who live at a lawyers office cause it is next door to a restaurant. A nice lady that works there feeds us. She also pays to have us spayed and neutered and released. Our Mom cat was trapped, they released her because she had nursing kittens but she was so freaked out she ran away and left us to STARVE.

We were very sick when we came here we both had eye infections.

We are living in Fenris' dog crate. Mommy put a soft blanket in here for us and we had water and a litter box.

We mostly slept when we weren't eating.

But Mommy gave us toys to play with.

She also held us a lot and petted us. Yang got very sick and almost died from Coccidiosis. We are doing fine now, we are up to date on shots and we LOVE people. But we will never forget our family members that still live in a feral cat colony.

You can help our family get spayed and neutered by donating to Pink Pawz a 501C3 Non Profit and 100% Tax Deductible who provides a great service to the residents of Jackson County, MS.

Yin & Yang, the Yoga Kittens reporting for ATCAD


  1. We would love to have an organization like Alley Cat Allies in Switzerland. We have many other private small foundations that do a very good job. Your mom did an amazing job with you, and we're glad to see you're safe in a loving home now. Purrs

  2. I'm so glad you two guys got rescued! It's so important for people to understand feral cats, and to help them whenever possible.

  3. You two are adorable, you haf certainly fallen on you paws there, luffs you both!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  4. We are so happy you guys are safe..the world for ferals is harsh and cruel and people being horrid to them is the ultimate nastiness as far as we can see..we wish our country had the same TNR programs..some try but they are really fighting such prejudice..but we all live in hope and keep trying to get the message out..loves Fozziemum xxx

  5. Ying and Yang, you are so lucky there was a human who caught you and brought you inside to live. Not all kitties are as fortunate. And humans still should take care of them.

  6. You two are two of the very few lucky ones who find wonderful humans to make them well and adoptable. You were so fortunate to find ATCAD. We hope for the best for all the ferals out there in the world.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  7. We are so glad you found this home for your Fostering. We're so happy that you are both feeling well and enjoying life exploring around the house.

  8. We're glad your mom was spayed, and that after a rough start, it worked out for you two!
    My kitties were feral kittens, but they are SO happy now that they don't even think about outside even when we leave a door open!
    So glad your feral family is being looked after!

  9. Pawwsum posty. Fanks fur helpin' Yin and Yang. And Scylla and all da feral kitties yous help.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Lexi

  10. You are both adorable! I didn't know your story of how you got your forever home.

  11. Ying and Yang are such perfect names for you two. I am glad that you were saved and have a chance to grow up in a loving family. ♥

  12. I wish all kitties were as lucky as you :)


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