Scylla Sunday

I am being very cooperative today, first we have a selfie for Selfie Sunday hosted by The Cat on My Head, really don't see why Mommy gets bent out of shape when I try to sit on her head.

Next I want to encourage everyone to give a homeless cat or dog a home. Often we hear our friends say that they would love to add an addition to their family but they don't think ________________ would be happy about it. Well I am living proof that you never know how your dog or cat will react to a new addition. I have been very accepting of Yin and Yang. In fact I get along with them so well my veterinarian doesn't believe it. Apparently Mommy was right and I did want a kitten to play with. That doesn't mean I don't hiss at them when they annoy me, and believe me Yang is annoying, even Mommy hisses at him sometimes. But I do cuddle with them and play with them ( we love to chase Mommy down the hall, I thinks if Socks would help we could bring her down) and I would like to eat with them, but we are all on different foods., but I (GASP) let them eat out of my bowl until Mommy notices. And Mommy says I appear to be a lot happier. I don't spend all day sleeping in her bedroom. I come out and socialize with everyone. Well I have to see what those kittens are up to they might get into trouble if I didn't keep an eye on them.  And the kittens are even allowed in the bedroom where we snuggle on Mommy's bed. And I am the reason they get to stay. Daddy's entire reason for saying they had to go was ME!

For those of you who don't know, we didn't plan on adding anymore cats (or dogs for that matter) to our family but a semi-feral cat abandoned her kittens after she was trapped by a lady doing TNR. They released the Mom Cat because she had nursing kittens but it spooked her so bad she abandoned them. Mommy's friend called frantic because the kittens weren't eating and no one would be at the office over the weekend to look out for them. Could Mommy take them for TWO days and then she would make other arrangements for them? Well Mommy against her better judgement said OK, and went picked them up Friday afternoon. Now Mommy made several mistakes here and they could have been serious. First she assumed Yin and Yang were healthy (they weren't)  by the time she picked them up the veterinarian's office was closed, so the kittens had to wait till Saturday to see the doctor. Luckily nothing they had was airborne because Mommy doesn't have anyway to isolate us. She did do something right, Mommy had cleaned out Fenris' old dog crate (he never uses) and put a litterbox in there for Yin and Yang and warm blankets for them to lay on. So we were kept separate sort of, but this would not have been good enough for airborne illnesses. Mommy thinks the reason Yin and Yang weren't eating was because they were sick not because they were too little to eat, as she never bottle feed them. The first thing she did when she got them home was give them a bath. Poor Yin's eye was so full of puss her entire face was swollen, when Mommy put a warm washcloth on her eye puss came pouring out and Yang was eaten up with fleas, his eye was crusted shut to such an extent Mommy was afraid to mess with it. After their bath Mommy took them to their crate and tried giving them CAT MILK in a bowl, Yin started drinking it right away and canned kitten food, which Yang ate out of her hand. But she was very glad they went to the veterinarian first thing Saturday morning. Yin and Yang did a post about coming to live with us here, if you missed it. But to everyone's RELIEF and SURPRISE the only thing I did was hiss at the dog carrier where the kittens were when I walked by.

As they got older and got to feeling better I started coming to the gate (Mommy put the dog gate up to keep them kittens in the dining room/kitchen area)   to watch them play they were very entertaining. After we got the OK (we had to wait until they were over the Coccidiosis), Mommy took the gate down separating us and I went in there to watch them play. I gradually started playing with them and when they were put in the garage with me to sleep I was totally OK with it. Well at least I didn't complain about it.

Our tips for introducing a new family member. Kittens and puppies are less threatening to us than adults are and may bring out our nurturing instincts, no matter how grouchy we are we do have them. Let us gradually get to know each other. Always take new family members to the vet before bringing them home (Mommy broke this rule). And just like with people we may like some cats and dogs more than others. I prefer Yin and Tuiren (us girls are lazy and just lay around gossiping with each other) Yang likes to pounce on everyone. That's OK because Fenris and Socks like playing with Yang.  And for everyone who is totally surprised by my reaction to Yin and Yang may I remind you that I welcomed Tuiren (an adult doggie) into the family and helped nurse her back to health. I did get my nickname Lovebug for a reason. I hide my compassion and empathy for others under a crusty demeanor but I really do care for my fellow creatures.

Scylla encouraging everyone to give a cat or dog a HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS. 


  1. I'm so glad your human took you two in - she may have done it sort of wrong, but everything worked out right!

  2. YES YES YES, A BEAUTIFUL HOLIDAY POST!!!. Adoption is so important. If only anthros would be responsible for birth control of THEIR animals, we would have a safer and less unhappy animal world. Italians, for example, do not believe "fixing" their animals, and it's very unpleasant to be around some of them on the streets. Plus they are always in dog fights, and there are abandoned kitties everywhere.

    1. We know exactly what you mean. A very nice (according to Mommy) man cat came in our yard. He STANK!!!!!! and Socks who likes everyone tried to run him off. I screamed at him and he agitated the doggies. And all because he wasn't neutered. And according to the Veterinarian it can take up to 6 months for the testosterone smell to go away after neutering an intact mancat. Mommy had to find a new home for him.

  3. Scylla, it warms our hearts to know that you have accepted Ying and Yang.

  4. What a great tale about your newest family members. We're so happy to hear you are all getting along now.

  5. Wonderful story!
    Happy Sunday Selfies!
    Annabelle, Boo, Ping, & Mr Jinx

  6. Very nice post. I am so glad everything has worked out with Yin and Yang and they have such a great home now. I would love to get another cat, but my husband won't let me and that is different than worrying about the other cats and if they want a new sibling. :(

  7. What a lovely post! We are so glad Yin and Yang have a new home.
    Have a wonderful Sunday...

    Noodle and crew

  8. Lovely post. We are so pleased that you are getting along now.

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  9. It's great that Yin and Yang have been so well accepted into the family :)

  10. We are glad you took those kittens under your paws and love them now!!

  11. We're glad you finally accepted Yin and Yang. Purrs

  12. Such a good kitty cat to accept Yin and Yang!

  13. Scylla you ARE a special, nurturing kitty and your Mom is pretty darned special too!! xoxo catchatwithcarenandcody

  14. That's the right spirit, Scylla. Hope all kitties get a furrever home with Christmas and Always. Pawkisses for a Happy Week :) <3


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