The Great Explorers Yin and Yang

Where is Mommy going.

Maybe we should follow her.

I thinks we need to hurry, she is getting away from us.

These leaves sure do look like they would be fun to play in.

I better ignore them if I am going to catch up with Mommy.

There is something to pounce on.

Maybe instead of catching up with Mommy we could just play here.

Sounds good to me.

I can see her from here.

Tuiren dug a nice hole for me to lay in.

Maybe I'll just make it a little bigger.

What's that Fenris, we aren't suppose to dig. ~Yin and Yang reporting for ATCAD

*PeeS: For those wondering Mommy went over to the Greenhouse to do some stuff, we eventually went over there too after we got tired of playing under the Sycamore Tree.


  1. Those kitties should decorate the tree this year. What a gift.

  2. You two are so lucky you can wander around without a harness and leash - it does get tiresome for me sometimes.

  3. We wish we had a bigger garden to have fun in.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Oh, they are precious liittle ones.

  6. We think those leaves look like a great place to play.

  7. You might be able to find 'pounceables' under those leaves! Now that would be a fun playtime!'

  8. Aren't they adorable!
    Please stop on by and join the photo linkup fun!

  9. Lucky kitties you have a great place to play. Have fun with the leaves ! Purrs


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