Yin and Yang's First Christmas Tree

Mommy wasn't sure about getting a Tree this year as we are such naughty good kittens. I must have messed up the tree skirt a zillion and one times.

She put me in her bedroom for a time out but the minute she let me out.

I was back to chasing Yin around the Christmas Tree.

They got a real one this year, and I likes to eat it. The needles are very yummy to my tummy.

I thinks the angel on top looks like Mommy.

We really liked it when Daddy put the lights on the tree.

Yin tried to help but Daddy talked very loudly at her.

I decided to just sit and watch.

Mommy as you can see was busy taking pictures.

I got tired and curled up in Tuiren's bed to take a nap.

Socks, was so happy we had a real tree. He had missed it a lot.

Mommy moved our water bowel to get it out of the way while we decorated the tree.

I supervised everything.

Yin decided to drink out of the water the tree was standing in.

We thinks the people should keep trees in the house all year. ~Yang reporting for ATCAD


  1. My human has never had anything but a fake tree for a few decades. She may have had a real one once or twice in the 1980s or 1990s.

  2. Looks like you kitties enjoyed the real tree.
    Was the water tasty Yin?
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. So fun! I wonder if they keep the tree inside all year if we will get more gifts....

    Love and licks,

  4. All of you: You make mom smile each time she comes by here to see you. And you two tinies are a joy to see and hear about. Mom said she has;t had a kitten to love in 18 years. You are just perfect. You are in a good good home and your parents appreciate you.

  5. We agree, the tree should be kept in the house all year long. Though the mom says she wouldn't want to be cleaning up after it and us all year long.

  6. congrats on the indoor play yard....ummm....Christmas tree (we don't get one here)

  7. That looks like a kitty jungle gym to us. You all are having a great time playing around it.

  8. The human doesn't put up a Christmas tree of any kind!

    I think a real tree year round is a great idea, too. It wouldn't even need decorations. Kitties could have so much fun climbing the tree. :)

  9. Looks like you both had fun watching the tree go up! Did you climb it? Me and Eric used to when we were young.

  10. It looks like you all had fun with your Christmas tree ! Purrs

  11. Very nice photos. If we had trees inside all year, you would get bored with them.

  12. Your tree is so much more fun and interesting than our wee tabletop trees...we have four, but a real one; just one large would be super! But...meowmy says no way, cause we are um...furry well behaved around trees:)) That is our final mew on that! Cough-cough...

    Loved seeing you and how you snoopervised evfurrything!


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