Tuiren Tuesday Celebrating Sweet Sarah Day

I am finally back, I hope you likes my picture Walter. We are going to try to stick to the following schedule (doesn't mean we will succeed though)

Mancat Monday either Socks or Yang, sometimes both.
Tiny Tuesday with Chimera or Tuiren Tuesday with me.
Winsome Wednesday with either Yin or Chimera sometimes both.
Thursday in the Garden/Greenhouse
Fenris Friday
Caturday Art
Scylla Sunday

Yes, yes I know the doggies don't get as many post but as you can see there are more cats. Sometimes we may even pop up in their post so it's OK with me. The big guy is a different story but............................ well he will just have to deal with it.

I also wants to issue a warning, most of our friends know that some flowers are toxic to cats and dogs and they try to protect us from them. What you may not know is that often even the nontoxic plants are sprayed with or dipped in stuff that makes them toxic to us. Here are some links;

Fresh cut flowers: fragrant, beautiful--and often doused with pesticides
Cut Flowers—A Major Yet Little-Known Source of Toxic Pesticides
A Valentine Classic: Roses Dipped in Chemicals 

Now before I go we all wants to put our paws together for a very special lady.

 She has had some health issue lately so if everyone would send healing purrs, positive light and put their paws together for her it would be terrific. Sweet Sarah blogs at Mona, Prissy and Angel Weenie.

Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Great scheduling, I can catch up wiv ALL my furfriends over the week, yay!!!Luffs you all
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. You're looking very gorgeous, as usual, T - from head to tail to shadow.

    Love and licks,

  3. We don't know Sarah, but we'll purr for here. Pawsome blog schedule ! Purrs

  4. We join blogville in sending loving and POTP to Miss Sarah.

  5. You are looking great Miss Tuiren. Walter is so happy to see you. We are crossing our paws for Miss Sarah too. She is a great lady.

  6. Very nice post pals. I'm purring like crazy for Miss Sarah too. Sure hope she gets good news.

  7. Oh your new schedule sounds doable!! WE know Sarah will smile as she reads all the love being sent to her
    Hugs madi your bfff and Mom

  8. Hey TUI.... we are SURE that Walter is Fainting over your picture...

    now about this SHARING of the Blogging time... we were wondering if you could tell your mom to go by total WEIGHT.. instead of the NUMBER of Kitties vs. Doggies in the house? THAT might Work out fur you and Fenris... JUST SAYIN...

    OH how we Love Miss Sarah and are sending her POTP fur SURE.

    1. Mommy got a good laugh out of that because Fenris weighs the most, then me then Scylla, the other cats barely weigh anything. ~Tuiren

  9. Thanks for the plant warnings, Tuiren. One can never be too careful. We are also hoping for the best for Ms. Sarah. She is such a kind and loving human.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  10. Thank you for being a caring friend to her.

    Abby the Lab and her family in Chicago

  11. We are praying for Sarah. Thank you for the plant warnings.

  12. Oh, no, we didn't know that about flowers. Any more Jan hopes no one will send her flowers as they inevitably have some type of lily included.

  13. Looking good Tuiren. Nice schedule, lets us see and hear from all of you. Thanks for the tips on floral arrangements. Didn't even suspect that. Humans will do anything to sell something even if it harms other humans and companion animals

  14. You are happy to be blogging today!!

    We went to send our POTP to Sweet Sarah.


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