Mancat Monday

I loves drinking out of this fountain, but some kitten broke it and now it doesn't work. We has our paws crossed Daddy can fix it.

I really like the crocheted toys Miss Katie made for us.

Mommy had the camera on the wrong sitting so forgive the lack of color.

We needs to review some cat litter we won so I am going to let Mommy take over. ~Socks, reporting for ATCAD

(Alasandra) First I have to apologize as I have forgotten whose blog we won it from, but it was a real life saver when it arrived in the mail from Chewy, as I was a bag short when it was time to change the litter-boxes.

Yesterday's News Softer Texture

I am going to start with the con as there is only one as far as I can tell and that is, it is very pricey. Having multiple cats there is no way I could pay for this litter. It's around $7 per  13.2lb bag at my local grocery store. With 5 cats that would mean paying $35 a week for cat litter and I just can't do that. If I could this would be my litter of choice.

  • Available in fresh scent or unscented
  • Softer texture pellets feel more like regular clay
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Made with recycled paper
  • Packaging is recyclable (where facilities exists)
  • 3x more moisture absorbent than clay*
  • 99.7% dust free
  • Designed for low tracking
  • Tough on odors
  • Non-toxic (safe if ingested)
  • Available in 4.4 lb., 8.0lb., 13.2 lb., and 26.4 lb. packages
I get the unscented as I worry about the scented not being good for cats especially kittens. I have never forgotten Charybdis eating cat litter (yuck), so I was happy to have this to try with Chimera.

It really is dust free. I don't usually deal with the litter-boxes (sometimes I am forced to as the guys aren't available for litter-box duty and my cheif complaint is the dust),  but I have done Chimera's and I don't mind at all as there is zero dust. She hasn't tracked any out of the crate and hardly any out of the litter-box itself (she can actually get in and out of the gate, it's to keep the big cats and the dogs out). The crate is in my dining room and we haven't had any problems with smell, unlike the litter-boxes in the garage.

You can find out more about Yesterday's News here.

I didn't have any trouble getting Chimera to use the Clear Value Cat Litter after using this, so I am assuming it does feel like regular clay to her.  ~Alasandra


  1. I'm sure the litter was good, but after you have used Cat's Best flushable, odourless, lightweight cat litter, you will never use anything else. The pee and poo ball up, taking a bit of little with them and you simply removed the balls once or twice a day or whenever you see them. Mama taught me how to use the john with this litter. Use a plastic bowl that fits the inside of your john, fill it halfway with Cat's
    Best, put down the open seat, then show your kitty the toilet
    seat and where he/she can scratch the litter in the bowl to get it ready for pee or poo.
    It's the most wonderful cat litter I have ever used and I have used ALL of them. If you wish to throw it out periodically (I don't because it's never dirty!) you may put it in the garden with no risk.

  2. Too bad it's so expensive because this litter sounds ideal environmentally. Chimera is so tiny she can squeeze out the gate of the crate? WOW....nice she has a little private spot to avoid the BIG GUYS!

    Hugs, Sammy and Mom Pam

  3. Mum gets clumping litter for us and we love it - it's great when you can just get the clumps out without having any bother.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Those are nice toys Miss Katy made for you. Is there nip in them? We bet that would make them super nice.

  5. dood....thoz naybor cats iz all wayz cauzin trubull & brakin stuff huh !! ♥♥♥

  6. We hope your fountain gets fixed. That looks like a great crochet toy. Our mom crochet's toys for us all the time!

  7. Good idea to get unscented litter, I do too. I can't stand the scented and I know cats have better noses than us.

  8. We nevfur use scented litter either...That litter does sound pawsome, too bad it has to be so pricey.


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