Thursday in the Garden

Mommy washed the table good and then put some protective oil on it that came with the table. It was very time consuming and we were kept in the house while she did it.

Mommy also got some yard art at the Herb and Garden Fest that had to be painted. She found this cute solar lantern at the drug store.

She also put some stuff on our wooden planter that hides the septic stuff to protect it from rain. We also go some new succulents to add to it.

The Desert Rose is doing great, we haven't been able to find another one to add to our collection though.

Mommy painted this chair and then added a new coconut liner and planted some Impatiens in it.

This is a neat native plant, that likes shade. Alas Mommy doesn't remember it's name. Thanks to Walter and Millie we now know the name of our native plant. Heuchera, now Mommy will never remember that name but one of it's common names will be easier for us to remember Coral Bells, the plant itself will give us a clue as it has stalks of small coral bell like flowers on it.

Mommy added some plants to existing planters and created some new ones.

The lavender in the Herb Bed is looking good.

We added more Mexican Tarragon and planted a Borage.

We like it's blue star shaped flowers.

This is one of our new succulents, it is called Mother of Millions Kalanchoe daigremontiana.
Another succulent, Mommy likes them because they don't need much water. It's a Purslane, Pigweed , you probably know it as a Portulaca



  1. Now it's time for a lovely dinner alfresco! With kitties and doggies, of course.

  2. I wish my human were as motivated about doing garden stuff as yours is!

  3. That garden is ready for Summer!
    It is quite pretty already.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  4. Looks like Mom did a GREAT job on the table and I luffs the lantern.
    There's gonna be funs times in your beautiful garden
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  5. The garden is looking better every day! Love the lantern!

    Love and licks,

  6. Thanks for the tour around your beautiful garden. We think the plant the you don't know the name of is heuchera. We have a few different ones in our garden.

    1. You are right Millie and Walter, the minute we saw your message it jogged our memory. Thanks you both so much. Walter you are Tuiren's hero. ~Tui and the gang

  7. awesum toor two day dessert rose iz doin lookz grate, we hope yur mom can find another one.. N de borage IZ way kewl ~~ ♥♥♥

  8. Thank you for the tour of your lovely garden--your mommy has been very busy! I believe desert rose produces seed pods. Has she considered starting one from seed?

    1. Ours hasn't produced a seed pod yet, or if so we didn't see it. We will research it and try that. Thanks you for the information.

  9. Our MOM ... LOVES succulents... they are EASY fur HER to grow... THAT is impawtant.... OMD your yard is so full of INTERESTING thingys... Eye Candy in the outside. LOVE that Solar Lantern and the humming bird hook.

  10. What a beautimous garden you all have!! Thanks so much for sharing it on Flower Friday!!

  11. We always love seeing your flowers before ours. It helps us get throught the time on daffodils to the time of summer flowers.

  12. We truly enjoyed seeing all those beautiful things, esp the herbs. We are too cold here in winter to grow some of those, except as annuals, but we are trying rosemary and lavender this year, purrhaps we will have the petcretary put them inside ovfur the wintertime.


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