Caturday Art with Chimera

I am staring in an action adventure.  Just call me The Flash.

We forgot what we did here, something about bending and borders.

This is the same action picture as the first one. We actually didn't do anything to this picture, this is just the way it turned out when Mommy snapped it. She muttered something about the camera being out of focus (whatever focus is).


Some of Mommy's attempts to fix the picture.

I may be out of focus, but I am still cute. ~Chimera, modeling for ATCAD


  1. Chimera, you are a wild little girl!

  2. Sometimes a blur is very good for a purr.

  3. IT's true are adorable in or out of focus!!!

    Love, Sammy

  4. What very cool Caturday Art!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  5. You sure are a perpetual motion machine little one.


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