Flowers on Friday & #MommaKatsSearch

First off we would like to remind you about #mommakatssearch for a loving home. This brave Momma Kat continued to care for her kittens even after being hit by a car. Please won't someone help her find a loving home, it would be great if you could adopt one of the kittens that she showed such devotion to with her, but the main thing is to find her a home.

Now for the flowers...............................

We love it when our Magnolia blooms, it is our State Flower.

This is an interesting wildflower, we thinks it is a sort of grass.

Inpatients and Superbells


Cape Honeysuckle

Gold Flame Honeysuckle, who knew there were so many different honeysuckles.

Coral Bean

The Sniffie Rose.


Old fashion roses.

Mystery plant from Grandpa.

More Tickseed with Rosemary.

And our Bottle Bush. It is MoMo's plant as it is from Australia like her.

More Inpatients


Hope you enjoyed our flowers. ~ATCAD

We are joining Dory's Backyard Blog Hop Flower's on Friday


  1. What a great group of flowers. Our favorite is the lantana.

  2. We love magnolias too, and what pretty lantana!!

  3. Very nice flowers. I hope Momma and babies get homes soon.

  4. So pretty!
    We hope MommaKat finds a great new home!
    Is the mystery plant perhaps a trumpet creeper?

    1. Perhaps, we aren't sure. Maybe when it blooms Mommy can identify it.


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