Winsome Wednesday ~Chimera

People are very weird. They seem to like tearing things out. There used to be cabinets here, now they are gone.

Mommy had to take a bath in Youngest Boys Bathroom when hers was torn apart. Mommy says that sharing ONE bathroom with 3 ADULTS is No Fun.

I like to walk around the tub.

Mommy keeps threatening to knock me in.

I think that is very rude, but I might enjoy a closer look at these bubble things. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD


  1. I think my human might have gotten a hotel room under those conditions... and brought me along. She doesn't mind sharing a bathroom with me!

    1. Mommy was just thankful to have ONE working bathroom, when they had zero bathrooms she did stay at a hotel, but she didn't bring anyone with her.

  2. I have a firm policy of not getting too close to the tub. (unless Mom tricks me.) That is dangerous territory. Baths happen there!!

    Love and licks,

  3. You know that curiosity can dampen your spirits, Chimmy, but yes, those bubbles are fascinating. But when mama blows bubbles with a stick, I hightail it out of the room!

  4. Be careful Chimera. Those bubbles might look interesting but we don't think you would like it if you fell in.

  5. Good job snoopervising your mommy's bath. Some kitties like water, but I'd try it out in a sink first!

  6. Trust me, Chimera, you DONT want to get into those bubbles!

  7. Those bubbles may be fascinating, but there is WATER under them ! Trust us ! Purrs

  8. You may not like the bubbles as much if you are in them!

  9. Did you ever find the missing cabinets? :-)

  10. Baths are fascinating. I sit on the edge to watch my mum or dad, but Eric used to get in too. He would lie on whoever was in there and let his tail and paws float in the water.

  11. Beautiful kitty.
    Thanks for sharing at


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