Thursday in the Garden

Not sure what Mommy was trying to take a picture of. This is a view of the Hummingbird Cottage from our back porch.

Our Hydrangeas did great this year.

They had light blue and lavender flowers on them very pretty.

A type of wild grass.

Grandma's Hibiscus.

Do you see all the roses, trumpet vines and honeysuckle blooming on top of the Hummingbird Cottage?
Cape Honeysuckle

Flowering Maple


Coral Bean

Cuphea, we thinks this is the Cigar Cuphea as the Candy Corn blooms in the Fall. They look a lot alike.
Whirling Butterflies

More Cuphea

Bottle Bush


Stokes Aster





PeeS: Breaking News

Yin entered the Tongue Curling event hosted by Noodle and as you can see she brought home the Gold. Go by Noodles to check out all the GREAT entries. We thinks Easy has the longest tongue we have ever seen.

Yin and Yang are entered in Artistic Napping over at Sheltie Times.


  1. We think that hummingbird cottage is a fine garden addition:)

    We liked learning the names of some blooms we don't know. So as well as pretty these tours are eduactaional!

  2. You have such wonderful flowers growing in your garden.

  3. Mama loves hibiscus, especially the name, but she wishes they had more perfume, like roses.

  4. Such a pretty garden :)
    We like the Hummingbird cottage. Purrfect for the tiny birds :)
    We really like Yin and Yang's entry for Artistic Sleeping.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  5. We bet the hummingbirds just love your yard. We are entered in both divisions of the Synchronized Sleeping competition and our artistic one is our "Yin & Yang" picture.

  6. Oohhh... Those are lovely. Yup, your garden is looking very beautiful, for sure.


    PS. CONGRATULATIONS! A very well deserved medal, my friends. purrs

  7. The hydrangeas are lovely. The hummingbird cottage is special. Everything is lovely at your place!


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