Thursday in the Garden with Hummingbirds

You can barely see the Hummingbird in this picture. They are very fast birds. We still have one Hummingbird hanging around, the others seem to have migrated.

The Hummingbirds like this flower. It is called a Fire Spike.

Now for some better shots of the Hummingbird. Sorry we don't know what kind it is.

We just love Hummingbirds here, and Daddy built them a cottage of their very own. They like to perch up on the roof and chatter at us. They make clicking like sounds, when they are flying you also here a buzzing sound. Mommy often hears them before she sees them. One of the Hummingbirds is very friendly and even visits with us on the back porch. It comes clicks at Mommy when the feeders need to be refilled.

Isn't it beautiful. Mommy thinks it may be a female Rufus Hummingbird, but she isn't sure.



  1. Every time my human puts out a hummingbird feeder, the ants find it. She really would like to find a way to keep that from happening!

  2. Our hummers are long gone.We enjoy watching them too.
    They are such tiny cute birds.
    Purrs Georgia and Julie,
    Treasure and JJ

  3. They are such cuties! I wish we had some around here to watch!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Admiral & Katie Isabella, we didn't realize the Ruby Throat would stay here this long.

  5. Oh, how lucky to have hummers! In France, they are only 1 inch across and one mistakes them for some sort of bee, but theyare tiny, tiny hummers! They love sage flowersl

  6. We've never been able to attract hummers. Mom thinks the wind here on the beach is too much for them.

    The Florida Furkids

  7. You are so lucky to still have hummers around. Ours left well over a month ago. How lucky that you also get more variety than we see here. We only have the Ruby-throated hummingbirds here.

  8. They are so cute!!! It's so nice to have them in the garden. Very nice pictures you took!!!

  9. Wes has had hummingbirds up on our 7th floor balcony this year! And what is really surprising, there is some that overwinters here in Vancouver! Wes is still putting out nectar for them!
    Mes LOVES to watch them!

  10. We had to take our feeders down, frost and no more hummers this season...can't wait till they return,they are such fun wee helicopter birdies!
    We get ants, but some vaseline usually deters them.
    Worse troubles are the wasps and hornets who love the nectar too. We have to put out some of their own a wasptrap! Yucky...but we got rid of oodles of them...but alas there are always more of them than we can we just keep refilling the feeders, we think the wasps drink more than the hummers, MOL!


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