Caturday Art

We have discovered an app that lets us color pictures on Mommy's phone, so we colored a few. The cat is our favorite.

Now to the real artwork. Pencil sketch of Hummer.

Remember the road paved with gold. Well this is what it really looked like.  Not sure what Mommy did here, we think she just played with the light.

Mosaic tiles

This is Goldenrod, that we used a sponge effect on.

Same picture that we turned into a kaleidoscope

Pencil sketch of Scylla & Chimera

And another pencil sketch this time of Yin & Chimera.

And this is probably one of our best pencil sketches.

This turned out sort of neat.
Same picture with a frame.

A pencil sketch of Yinny.

Er, Yin this is not a lady like pose.

OK, much better you look regal here. Nice pencil sketch.

And yet another pencil sketch trying to make Scylla less of a blur. ~ATCAD


  1. Lots of great art today!

  2. Love the 'best pencil sketch of all'. What is the coloring app. What fun for kids, read: mama. Love, Loulou

    1. It's called recolor. If you do #recolor we think you will find it on Facebook and just recolor should find it in the Google playstore.

  3. Y'all are looking seriously artsy today!!!

  4. Holy cat! You could do an entire separate blog with just effects ... these are incredible!

  5. Love the mosaic tiles!

  6. Looks brilliant! We shall have to look for that app :)

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  7. It looks like your mom had a lot of fun playing with all these effects ! Purrs

  8. They all came out great. You were busy.

  9. That sponge effect is really cool but they're all good. TW has an app called Colorfy she uses on the iPawd on the rare occasion I give her a night off.

  10. Super artwork! Mom needs to check that app out.
    The Florida Furkids

  11. That kaleidoscope looks like jewels!!


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