Tiny Tuesday

I love sleeping in my chair, now that the weather has turned cool again I like sharing it with Mommy.

I love playing on the Jungle Gym.

Playing in the leaves is fun too.

They make a nice rustling sound when you run through them.

I am helping Mommy with the housework,  so we can go outside and play.

I let Mommy get a nice shot of my eyes, aren't they a pretty golden color.

I also let her get a shot of me with a fuzzed up tail.

I tried to escape over the fence, but she sent Fenris after me.

So I climbed on top of the Jungle Gym. He can't get up here.

I think Mommy did an excellent job on this photograph, it looks as if it belongs in a museum.

But I certainly don't, maybe a zoo for me. ~Chimera, reporting for ATCAD


  1. That is so cool you like the leafs. We try to sneak into the house from the deck, but it is covered with leafs and that gets real tricky. TBT says he will sweep them tomorrow though.

  2. Chimera, you never have a dull moment, do you?

  3. You are just fine in the wild, you tiny thing.

  4. Come thru the tunnel and visit me some time. We can play.

  5. total lee awesum fotoz shoot two day chimera.... yur gotcha dayz comin up next month huh !!!! ♥♥♥☺☺☺

  6. You're so cute, Chimera ! You are able to play with everything ! Purrs

  7. Chimera you sure are a cute and lucky girl to have been found by your mom and dad.

  8. We just love seeing you and all the things you get to do...or that you snoopervise:)


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