Caturday Art

 Today's theme is Flowers, that are still blooming at our house. This is the Pineapple Sage. We did a circle effect with it.

 The Cape Honeysuckle. The pencil sketch we most always do.

 Another circle this time with a rose. It sort of looks like a Christmas ornament.

And Yinny on the bed with some friends. ~ATCAD


  1. Nice to have friends. I have one filled with nip that I particularly like, haha.

  2. You are so lucky to still have flowers blooming.

  3. Really pretty pictures!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  4. Very cute artwork with your little furriends :D Pawkisses for a Happy Caturday :) <3

  5. You still have flowers ? Amazing ! Purrs

  6. You can't go wrong with a sketch.

  7. Those are fun art works, yes the one circle does look like an ornament!


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