Mancat Monday with Socks plus bonuse kittens

We all enjoy sleeping on Mom's bed, here I am sharing the bed with Yin and Chimera.

Mommy caught me sitting in the Jungle Gym.

I took a leisurely stroll around the backyard.

OK, I am ready to go back to the Jungle Gym now.

It's a good place to relax and keep an eye on the dogs.

Our friend Mrs Tammy had a stray cat come up to her house that was pregnant. Mrs Tammy gave the pregnant Mommy cat a safe place to have her babies and is now trying to find homes for the Mom & Babies (last we heard she was doing a great job and most have found homes) we thought we would share some kitten cuteness with you.

We fell for this little fellow. If Casa de Alawine wasn't full to the brim Mommy would have probably kittennapped him. He reminds us of Whiskers.


  1. What lovely kittens and they look so cute. We hope when they are bigger they will start to get into trouble so you will have to keep them to on their toes!

  2. Socks you are looking very regal sitting on the jungle gym. Mrs. Tammy was very nice to take in that mother cat and help her and her kittens find new loving homes.

  3. Looking very distinguished and regal, Socks!

  4. Socks,How fun to have nice weather to enjoy the yard. Cute kittens, We are full up,too, but that does not keep Mom from wanting!

  5. Oh, lordy, lordy, mama would take them all...thank heaven we are in FRANCE. I'm not sure she could resist those darlings. I hope so much they find homes. Can't imagine that they won't as they are really special kitties.

  6. Bless Mrs Tammy for taking in the Mama & these beauties and finding them homes ! They are adorable !

  7. They are the cutest. We are sure they will have forever homes soon
    Purrs little ones
    Timmy & Family

  8. Cute babies ! Paws up for Mrs Tammy ! Purrs

  9. What sweet babies those kittens!!

    Kudos to your furened for rescuing them all...and finding homes. That is a hard job!

    Socks you sure have a good lookout spot on the jungle gym.


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