Winsome Wednesday

 Mommy has took the winter bedspread out and put it on her bed and put the summer bedspread under here. It makes a purrfect bed for ME.

 It's just my size.

 Sometimes I let Socks sleep here as he found it first.

 I also like to hang off things.

 Do you ever hang off things? Mommy says I would make a good stocking hanger.

 I thinks I make a better cat.

Chimera, looking cute for ATCAD


  1. How cute you are, Chimera! Binga's the one who does most of the hanging here.

  2. I hang off things sometimes, C. Then about 30 seconds later, I am on the floor in a heap. I do not have the balance of a kitty.

    Love and licks,

  3. You sure do have your cute showing today sweet one!

  4. That blankie is in a purrfect spot!
    You are cute and we think you make a better cat since you are a cat ;) MOL!
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. I thought you could not GET any cuter. But you are one special kitty.

  6. This post is so funny. I love it! You look so beautiful in those pictures, Chimera!! Please stay as a cat:)

  7. Jenna and Marie12/07/2016 11:47 AM

    We are so jealous. Our mommy puts away comfy things where we can't get to them!

    Pee Ess: You must have better balance than us ;-)

  8. Oh my cat! That little tongue sticking out! Bear Cat used to sleep like that too :)

  9. Chimera you are soooo cute. Our Rumpy loves to hang off too!

  10. You sure found the bestest resting spot evfur! And OOOH are you cute!

    Pipo is the hanger kitty around here. Sometimes he is the slide off kitty, too, MOL!


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