Winsome Wednesday

It has come to my attention that some people think us cats have it easy. Actually we works very hard. Here I am keeping Scylla in shape. As her Purrsonal Trainer I find it necessary to chase her several times a day. I am also Mommy's Purrsonal Trainer and by climbing over the fence I force her to chase me so she gets exercise. These are very impawtant duties.

Here I am holding the bed down. This is one of the most impawtant duties a cat can perform. If we didn't hold your furniture down it might float off.

Yang and I are taking a break here and enjoying a bit of gossip.

Before I get back to one of our most impawtant duties. Spying on the dogs. You has to keep a firm paw on dogs.

I make sure the humans wipe their paws before coming in the house.

And I scare monsters out from under Mommy's bed. I wants her to be safe.

When Mommy needs to take a break me and Yin giver her an EXCUSE not to make up the bed.

Can you believe I only get room and board for all the hard work I do. ~Chimera, explaining the facts of life for ATCAD


  1. You need to ask for a raise, Chimera!

  2. You are one hard working kittie but please don't climb the fence and leave the yard. We wouldn't want you to get lost.

  3. This was a doozie, Chimmy. What a work ethic you have, you little bundle of cutitude. Love, Loulou

  4. I like it that you hold down the beds!

  5. You do work hard! At least here the three of share those duties!

  6. Wow Chimera. You sure do work hard. We hope you're getting paid well.

  7. Maybe ask for more treats in your bowl...You are the sweetest rascal we have evfur met, MOL!


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