Thankdful Thursday in the Garden

Our Red Hibiscus is happily blooming in the greenhouse.

the Mother of Millions also has a million blooms.

The Desert Rose.

This arrangement is doing just dandy in the greenhouse.

The Angel Trumpet out did itself.

Here is a better picture of the Mother of Millions blooming.

The Lemon Balm is doing well.

And the Red Cestrum is very pretty.

We are thankful we have a Greenhouse to protect our flowers from frost. We are thankful our Daddy puts it together for us every year.

At 16 we are thankful Socks is still with us. Some of you may remember that we almost lost him in August of 2013. We got a miracle then and he enjoyed more time with us. It looks as if our miracle may be running out.  He needs some power of the paw, healing purrs and Reiki our veterinarian suspects he has Oral Neoplasia, in the right mandible. We are so thankful that we have friends who will support us as we care for Socks. So far he is still eating good and enjoying cuddles.   ~ATCAD


  1. Your greenhouse is an oasis of bountiful and beautiful blooms!

    Purrs, pawyers and much POTP for dear Socks.

  2. Come to bring Healing Pawkisses and Purrayers, Socks. Hope everything will turn out fine <3 <3 <3

  3. I'm purring lots and lots for Socks... my human and I were saddened when we saw the news on Facebook a couple of days ago.

  4. Such wunnerful flowers you have! We just have crocuses now, but at least there are promises of others to come...

  5. Prayers and happy, healing thoughts are being sent for our buddy Socks. We love you.

    Love and licks,
    Cupcake and Mom

  6. Beautiful flowers in and out of the greenhouse! We are sending tons of POTP to our friend Socks - he's a brave boy and we are praying for him.

    Love, Angel Sammy

  7. Continued POTP.
    As we are living under a pile of snow, we have forgotten there are flowers out there!

  8. The flowers are beautiful and a great pick me up for the winter blahs. Continuing to pray for Socks.
    ~Cuddles and Hugs.

  9. You always have the prettiest plants and the best garden. We are all sending our best purrs and prayers for dear Socks and hugs and love to you.

  10. socks...dood....we haz blessingz oh plentee two ewe frum R pal st francis....all wayz ~~~~~~~~~ ♥♥♥♥♥

  11. OMC SOCKS... we are sending you 87 TONS of POTP.

  12. We are sending lots and lots of POTP for Socks!!

    We love your beautiful Greenhouse!

  13. Beautiful flowers! We are sending lots and lots of good vibes, and crossing all our paws and hooves for our friend, Socks.

    Purrs, Woofs and Neighs,
    All of us at The Poupounette

  14. Beautiful flowers. I am praying for sweet Socks.

  15. We've all been praying and purring extra hard for a pal Socks. We are happy that he continues to have a good appetite. We are also sending lots of POTP and love to all. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Angel Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth, Calista Jo and Cooper Murphy

  16. Oh, Socks, eat well and be cuddled as much as possible because that is the most healing action of all. Snuggle, cuddle, but that you are eating well is a very good sign.

  17. We send Socks tons of purrs, and we're glad to hear he's still eating well. Purrs

  18. Very nice flowers. Beautiful
    We are sending purrs and prayers to Socks to heal and to support you all. If he is eating and enjoying cuddles that kind of says it all!
    Love you buddy!
    Timmy and Family

  19. Purrayers and POTP for Socks ! He had such a good time at Christmas - hope he can get back a little positive energy - cuddles are the best !

  20. Very pretty flowers. We do not have a green house, but Mom noticed that our Nip plant in the garden is putting out! We are purring our best healing purrs for Socks and and all the family!

    1. We simply loved our visit to your garden. We'll be remembering your sweet Socks in our thoughts and sending prayers that he has more time to spend with his loving family.

      Molly and my Mom @ The Fast and The Furriest

  21. We have our paws crossed for Socks. Our mom would love to take a little walk around your green house. So nice to have such lovely things blooming this time of year.

  22. I just wanted to drop by and send my best love to Socks and you all.


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