Flowers on Friday - Bellingrath Gardens Part 1

 We think it is a pity they don't allow pets on the grounds as it looked as if Mommy had a good time. They do have a pet hotel where your pet can relax while you are enjoying the grounds. This is what their website says about pets.

Pets are not allowed inside the Gardens. To accommodate our guests that travel with their pets, we do offer use of our Pet Motel, free of charge. Notify your cashier in the Entrance Building if you’d like to use the Pet Motel. The cashier will issue a padlock for the kennel. Since the motel is not staffed, we recommend that all guests use the padlock to secure their kennel. Water is available, but guests will need to provide their own bowl.

 Mommy loves water so we weren't surprised to see her sitting by this giant water bowl. Heck if it had been a tad warmer we think she would have jumped in.

 Mommy wonders if she should plant some pansies with our Sky Flower.

 Mom says she could have visited the Mermaid all day. Just give her a comfortable chair to sit in and a book and she would have been in heaven.

 Mommy says she would have loved to have lived here. This was actually once someones home, they sure were lucky to have such a beautiful home. That is Fowl River behind Mommy, she wants to kayak it one day.

 And of course Mommy had to find a cat. We are surprised she didn't enchant it so it could carry her over the grounds and she wouldn't have to walk.

 Sometimes Mommy is very silly.

 Wow, that is a Grancy Graybeard with Mom, we can't wait until ours gets that big.

 The entrance to the Asian Garden.

 The Boat House.

 This is another place Mommy could have sat all day.

 And guess what Mommy went hunting she caught a frog.

 This is the Magnolia Cafe where Mommy and Tammy had lunch. Mommy reports that the food was good and the surroundings were peaceful and relaxing. She would love to do something like this down at the Butterfly Garden.

Tuiren and I are hoping that the next time Mommy and Tammy go walking they will choose somewhere we can accompany them. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD on the walk I didn't get to go on.


  1. WOW, what a park and gardens. Love the kitty with mommy riding...

  2. Jenna and Marie4/07/2017 10:48 AM

    We understand why doggies aren't allowed in the beautiful park, but we think that isn't fair to the doggies :(

    Mommy says pansies are so gorgeous! You get two rounds of blooms if you plant them in the fall. They will wither away in winter from the cold but will sprout again in the spring. Heat kills them in the summer so they won't come up in the fall :(

  3. What a beautiful garden...we love all the sculptures and water features too. Running water is very relaxing..AND we enjoyed seeing your mom she was having a fine time
    Hugs madi your bfff

  4. What a beautiful garden!! Thanks so much for sharing it on Flower Friday...and don't worry, we know all about how Mamas are silly!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo

  5. What a beautiful garden ! It's gorgeous ! Purrs

  6. Wow. How gorgeous! I'm jealous. ESPECIALLY of that tiny pond!

  7. That is a beautiful place. We can see why your Mommy loves it!

  8. So lovely, indeed! No wonder your Mommy loves it there. What a pretty little froggy!


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