Remembering Wednesday

Mommy always described me as a sweet, gentle shy cat. I was always pretty easy to pill except for the time I had to take 7 pills twice a day. Once I started feeling better I objected to THAT, but who could blame me, one of those pills was HUGE. I was greatly loved at the veterinarians.

In some ways (and the vet and vet techs will never believe this because she is a devil cat at the vet) Yin is a lot like me. Yin loves Mommy and pretty much stays close to her. She is very well behaved and actually stays inside the backyard with the dogs. And while she can be a grouch if you wake her up she is usually very loving. And she is currently the easiest cat to pill and put the heartworm preventive on.

She has also perfected my Ninja cat skills. She is very good at disappearing.

Often the humans spend hours looking for her and discover she was sitting in the same room with them the entire time.

Usually unless she lifts her head they completely overlook her. Hiding in plain sight is a rare talent and very difficult to perfect. I am pleased to say Yin has the skill.

~Socks, reporting for ATCAD


  1. We are delighted that you and Yin got along so well and that she has learned many of your tricks.
    We miss you Socks.
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  2. Yin was a good student!

  3. Oh, what a kitty you were and are, somewhere.

  4. Socks we love these photos of you and Yin having some quiet time together....I'm sure she knew you weren't feeling your best and gave you comfort with her closeness. Friends are like a cozy blanket!

    Love, Angel Sammy and Teddy

  5. You taught Yin a great, practical ninja skill, S. I'm sure that will come in handy on many occasions and in many situations. I am the opposite of a ninja. Sometimes Mom says I am a clumsy ox. That's good... Right...?

    Love and licks,

  6. Angel Socks, it's wonderful that you keep blogging! All cats disappear; you have some sort of cloaking device that prevents humans from seeing you when we walk all over the house (several times!) then you just appear behind us.

  7. Sweet memories, Angel Socks. Purrs

  8. Socks, none of us are easy to pill! But we can all hide in plain sight!

  9. Yin, you are a sweet kitty!

    Angel Sockes, you taught her furry well.

    Pipo is purrty easy to mouth, drop it in, show him a treat and down the pill goes:)
    Minko is not too hard, though a bit harder than Pipo.

  10. Socks you taught so many good things to your family. What a Scout and what a Man Cat!
    Watch over us as you fly by on those beautiful wings dear friend
    Timmy and Family

  11. We love your remembering blogs sweet Angel Socks. It's good to remember, for you there at the bridge and for your family left behind. Now that Mom is much better and can work in her flowers again she's finishing the memorial garden around the pergola Dad built her before she got so sick. There's a place there for my Grandmother and the folks first Dachshund Angel Penny. Yups we love your remembering blogs for sure.


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