International Box Day

We are all boxed up to celebrate International Box Day. Some of us went with simple cardboard boxes that we just sat in and posed nicely, Yin and Chimera. Others played hard to get and Mommy had to cut openings in the boxes so we could see what was inside; Fenris, Tuiren and Yang and some of us insisted on having a super fancy hatbox to hide in, Scylla. But all of us plan on having lots of fun today.

And Ode to Boxes
Boxes are neat
Sometimes they contain something sweet.
Sometimes they just have a treat
or a hat
or even a doormat
what do you think about that? 

Big or little
short or tall
round or square 
we love them all. 

ATCAD, with very bad poetry but super cute pictures. If you would like to see past boxed pictures click here. 

I just wanted to tell everyone hi today. I loved boxes and I am glad to see Chimera and Yin do too. ~Angel Socks


  1. Happy International Box Day!

  2. I hope no one boxes your ears!!! Have a good Box Day. Is icebox included for us to examine?

  3. Happy Box Day! I can't believe I am boxless at the moment!

  4. I am thinking that 'box' is a funny word all of a sudden! Happy Box Day, kitties!

  5. guyz...yur box day post iz awesum....we lovez yur ode two boxez ~~ ") ♥♥

  6. Happy Box day. We are both a bit too big for most boxes but we know how you kitties love boxes.

  7. What a fun poem! Happy Box Day!

  8. That is a great poem! Happy Box Day!

  9. Sweet poem! Loved your box pictures.

    Minko was the box hog here...


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