Thankful Thursday in the Garden Early Flowers on Friday

The Azaleas bloomed in February this year. This is very UNUSUAL.  Most of our early Spring flowers had already bloomed by the time Spring actually arrived. Mommy got to go to Bellingrath Gardens the first weekend in April and the Azaleas were already gone. There were other flowers to look at though. We will show you in a few weeks er months. Time is flying by.

The Carolina Jasmine at our Hummingbird Cottage sure looked pretty. It's yellow blooms are so cheerful.

Mommy got some nice pictures of it and some of it rooted itself in one of Mommy's flowerpots. The flower that was in the pot died, so it was nice that the Carolina Jasmine put itself in there.

Our Irish Bells.

Do you see the green spots on them? We think they are actually Snowdrops, but we like the name Irish Bells that Grandma calls them.

Rosemary is such a nice herb, not only does it smell good it has pretty purple flowers.

Chinese Witch Hazel.


And another picture of the Rosemary. It grows to be pretty large. Mommy pruned it way back and it is still pretty big. Today we are trying to be thankful for the rain, it is kinda hard as we are getting so much of it at one time, but at least it means the Mom doesn't have to water the plants.

 We are dedicating today's post to Bilbo from Da DB Boyz, it was time for him to join his sister Dory at the Rainbow Bridge.



  1. Lady would like to have such pretty flowers.

  2. Our snow drops do not have the green dots, so I'm thinking that yours are really Irish Bells! I am working on planting native Michigan plants in the yard, and just found a Master Gardener contact who can help me...I am excited about this! I want to make a garden for the friendly feral cats to use, hide in, etc.

    1. Oh that is a lovely idea and there are so many herbs that you can grow and they will help the cats. Lavender helps keeps fleas away, there are a couple of other things that keep bugs away, Oregano is one. Mom discovered that when she found the cats liked to lay in the Oregano and she looked it up to find out why.

  3. Y'all always have a most wonderful garden and the hard work and care shows! Thanks for joining the Thankful Thursday Blog Hop!

  4. What beautiful flowers...OMCs your yard is glorious
    Hugs madi your bfff

  5. Thanks for the tour, everything is beautiful.

  6. Lovely garden blooms for us to admire!

    Your Irish bells are quite pretty for sure.

  7. Such pretty flowers you have. Our Azaleas bloomed early here too.

  8. You have such nice flowers. That Carolina Jasmine is lovely!


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