Caturday Art

Mommy couldn't get rid of Chimera's glowing eyes so we added some raindrops so they would blend in.. Somebody was on the wrong side of the fence.

Pencil sketch of Fenris.

Mommy was messing with the lighting. Here he is in pink.

Mommy was apparently in a pink mood because she turned Scylla and Yang pink. You can barely see Scylla swatting Yang.

Here is the same picture in Infared. Now you can see Yin over by the chair.

Pencil sketch of Scylla.

Mommy took part in some scrapbook challenges. This one was to show Summer Adventures.

This  one was a Gone With The Wind Theme. Mommy choose to scrap Tullis Manor because Hurricane Katrina destroyed it. You can read more about it here if you are interested.~ATCAD


  1. Fenris you look like a St. Bernard in that pencil sketch! Papa wrote "Cujo", the movie, and you look like him, but I know you are much nicer!

    1. Thank you, Mommy read somewhere that St. Bernards are suppose to be a mix between Great Pyrenees and some other breeds and she thinks I look like a St. Bernard sometimes. Mommy says you can tell I am a mix because when I am running and playing I don't look like a St. Bernard at all, but when I am sitting still I do..

    2. Fer is, those are wonderful pictures of you. You, too, Scylla.
      Yael from

  2. Very nice art and scrapbook pages.

  3. Another week of beautimous Caturday Art!
    Arty & Jakey

  4. Always great colourful art!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie

  5. It always amazes us how pictures can get to be so different with those fun effects!


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