Tuiren Tuesday

Mommy calls me Sleeping Beauty because I am ALWAYS the last one up.

I love my dog house, this is the way it looks in the winter. I actually have two x large dog beds in here. The one in back is the one I sleep on.

Mommy used this one to block the door, so I would stay warm, and I still have room to squeeze out. Now that it is warm she has taken it out and now I have a comfy bed to lay on, on the porch..

I don't like sleeping in the house, so Mommy lets me sleep outside unless it is going to be really really cold. You Northern doggies would consider Mommy's idea of really really cold laughable. If it's in the 30s at night she makes me sleep inside. Sometimes if it is just 39 and I really throw a fit she will let me sleep outside as that is sort of close to 40.

For those of you wondering where Fenris sleeps he sleeps inside most of the time, unless it is really nice out. That silly boy thinks that he is a lap dog. I on the other had LOVE my dog house and get in it if it storms or they shoot off firewors.

I finally decided to come out and visit with everyone. Yin is carefully sniffing around the Dad's work boots.

Fen as usual is hogging the porch. He has to be as close to Mommy as he can get. ~Tuiren reporting for ATCAD

PeeS: Yang reports the house leaks water into Fenris & Tuiren's water bowl and that it is very cool and tasty. 


  1. We live in the southwest, so yeah, we are pretty much on the same page as far as winter temperatures.

  2. When you've found the pawfect spot for a nap it is hard to wake up and move isn't it Tuiren!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  3. That house is gorgeous, T. I think your mom is smart to put that extra bed there to block the door. So fun!

    Love and licks,

  4. Boy that house looks like a good place for a BIG sleepover. Do you allow kitties?

  5. Humans always go by what temperatures make them happy, Tuiren!

  6. I can see why you like it! Your house (and bed) looks very comfy cozy.

  7. Tuiren if it weren't for Cody waking everyone up so early, Dakota would sleep late too! Dakota is also like Fen, he is attached to me at the hip! He has to be near me wherever I am. I'm not laughing at what temp your Mom thinks is cold, being in the 30s IS COLD!!!! That is COLD!!! I bet that is fun with the house leaking water right into yours and Fen's water bowls! DakotasDen

  8. You sure look very cozy in your house. We can't understand sleeping outside but if it makes you happy that is all that matters.

  9. It looks like you have the perfect outside house!

  10. That is a comfy spot, Tuiren, no wonder you wnat to sleep in a bit:)

  11. That looks like a very comfy place to stay, Tuiren.

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  12. It looks like a comfy spot, Tuiren. Purrs


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