Mancat Monday (Bad Memories by Yang)

A lot of you probably remember that right after Socks died I had to go to the vet and get stitches in my legs.

It was very traumatizing I hate riding in the carrier but Scylla kept me company after I got home. And that stupid cone didn't keep ME from reaching my stitches.

Everybody wanted to know how I hurt all 4 legs.

Did a mouse bite me?  Mommy saw me chasing one. Probably NOT the vet said it didn't look like bite marks.

Or did the vicious rosebush that Mommy trimmed viciously attacked me when I followed the mouse into the pile of weeds?  Probably, nobody knows and I am NOT telling. In fact I am just going to hide my legs, which didn't look that bad until the vet stole my fur.

Yin, insisted I was the stupidest clumsiest cat ever and was very rude to me. I really think it is a common occurrence for Mancats to wind up with wounds on all 4 legs at the same time, don't you think so? ~Yang, reporting on his past trauma now that he is willing to meow about it


  1. Stitches don't sound like any fun.

  2. all 4 legs... that was sure a bad day for you as that happened... we hope the fur grows back as beautiful as it was and you can enjoy warm feet when fall and winter move in :o)

  3. WOW, all fours??? I think I have to reserve comment on that, but it must have been very traumatic. Just glad you are well and out of that silly necklace.

  4. I'm sorry, Yang, but we are all girlcats here and this would never happen to any of us. Well, Binga might do something similar... but she's crazy.

  5. OMGoodness, Y. All 4 legs!? Those bites or scratches or whatever look sore. Plus your little cone is adorable, but if it were bigger, it would do a better job of letting you heal. Whatever you did to get all scratched up, don't do it anymore!!

    Love and licks,

  6. dood....we noe how ********** getz and that **********
    once.....********** did de same thing heer two cat *

    hope full lee ya can forgetz a bout it for ya same sum
    thin in yur sleep bye mizz take ! ☺☺♥♥

    1. ooopz....spellin errorz...thatz spozed ta be SAY sum thin in yur
      sleep ;) ♥♥

  7. Oh Yang! However did you do that? Bet your momma was pretty upset, but glad you were going to be okay.

  8. OH dear, that was not a fun day for you at all!!! Best to stay out of the rosebush patch:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  9. Yang what a mystery thank goodness it is hopefully a distant memory never to be repeated.
    Hugs madi

  10. We think your right Yang, when a Mancat does something he does it thoroughly! We do hope things heal up quickly for you...

  11. Wow you got hurt on all four legs at once? We're glad you are feeling better now.

  12. Yikes:(
    Glad those are all healed and you are doing well now. Stay out of trouble!!!


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