Scylla Sunday

Good morning, here I am back in my hidey hole with Sky.

I will just grab a quick selfie, sorry about my eyes being closed but I am totally NOT ready to get up.

This is the purrfect spot to keep an eye on the kittens without being in danger of Yang using you as a pillow.

He is also a very restless sleeper and he loves to stretch. When Yang stretches he doesn't bother to make sure he isn't going to wack you. Poor Yinny.

And apparently the sun was in his eyes. Silly boy, well at least he solved that problem. ~Scylla, meowing for ATCAD

PeeS: And in case you missed Socks featured Scrapbook Page we are sharing it again here.


  1. well sundays are for taking it easy,xx Speedy

  2. What an inventive napping locale, Scylla!

  3. We like your snoozy spot Scylla.
    Little Yin did not seem to mind the Yang stretch ;)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. My human felt the same way you did this morning, Scylla! She wasn't ready to get up either.

  5. Have a great snooze.

    We aren't taking the dogs to BAR because it is too far to drive and don't think flying them will be pleasant.

  6. Very cute sleepy selfies and I love Sock's scrapbook page.

  7. Oh, that Chimera, so lovely but ALL of those kitties are stealable!

  8. Nice to see you there, Scylla. We bet Yin and Yang don't even know you are there with Sky:)

    Woos - Lightning and Misty

  9. You have this snoozie selfie thing down!

  10. That is a fun selfie with your Sky-kitty! And Yin and Yang:)

  11. Looks like you have the best and safest spot, which of course given your status is how it should be!
    Don't you just hate a restless sleeper? Still makes for a great Action Selfie
    Have a lovely week.

  12. You sure look pretty sweet Scylla! That's a nice Socks page.

  13. You look so relaxed we may have to go and have a snooze ourselves!

    We love the scrapbook page and think the local looks particularly splendid.

    Happy (late) Sunday Selfie!

  14. You look very cute in your Selfie, Scylla❤Pawkisses for a Happy Day😚❤😻


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