Thursday in the Garden (March) & Black Cat Appreciation Day (Flower Friday)

Apparently after awhile lounger cushions have to be replaced. So Mom asked for new cushions for Christmas.

She didn't  put the new cushions on until March the slacker, we wish she had done it sooner as Socks enjoyed sleeping on the old cushions in the garage.

We approve of the pattern she choose, tropical flowers and birds fit in purrfectly at the Hummingbird Cottage.

Our Carolina Jasmine

Trumpet Vine

And our all time favorite Wisteria.

Mommy needed to weed the Quince but it had a nice bloom.

This is one of our native plants but we can't remember it's name right now. We wish we had more of it.

It is an evergreen and has small pink flowers in the Spring.

And honestly we don't know why Mommy took a picture of the Vitex unless she wanted to impress you with the fact that she actually weeded around it. Alas we have gotten so much rain the Mommy was unable to keep up with the weeding and the flowerbeds look like jungles. We don't mind but apparently the people do.

 And in honor of Black Cat Appreciation Day we are showcasing our lovely Yin.

 Princess Yin is a big help to Mom outdoors and spends most of her day on the back porch or the jungle gym. She makes sure that varmints stay out of the greenhouse and keeps an eye on all of Mommy's plants.


  1. Cusionds are goot, but we especially love yer flowers and structures!

  2. the cushions are beautiful!!! the mama loves all things with parrots and she awwed and ohhed the whole time ;o)

  3. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day, Yin!

  4. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day Yin !
    We bet you are such a great help to your mum.
    Our mum likes your garden :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  5. Thank you for visiting everyone and thank you for wishing me a Happy Day. ~Yin

  6. You have lovely gardens, and I like the cushions! Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day, Yinny!

  7. Smooches to Yin as you celebrate Black Cat Appreciation Day! Your garden is just beautiful!!!! catchatwithcarenandcody

  8. We love seeing photos of your garden. Happy Black Cat Appreciation day, Yin!

  9. We love your Wisteria Wow its beautiful AND your cushions look like an exotic garden too! How do people mange without a garden eh?

    We love ours and Phoebe (our Black Cat, loves it most of all.

    Marjorie and the Dash Kitten Crew

  10. Are those Mystery Flowers Dutchman;s Breeches ?

    Happy BC Day Yinny !

  11. Happy Black Cat Appreciation Day Yin!

  12. Such a pretty garden, always something to see and admire!
    Happy Black Kitty Day! Yin is being honored!

  13. Those cushions are so pretty and so is your garden. The weeds around here have gone crazy because of too much rain and not enough dry time for our pawrents to get out and weed.


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