Caturday Art

Today we are featuring our doggies the lovely Tuiren and the handsome Fenris.

 Mommy made these scrapbook pages for a Day of the Dead Challenge, she couldn't decide which she liked best, in the end she decided to go with this one for the Challenge. Which one do you like best?

and since yesterday was Friday the 13th



  1. Very cool art today! My human loves Day of the Dead. I thought it was nice to figure Fenris and Turien today.

  2. Yeah, I'd go with that one as well, though they're all very cool. Happy weekend!

  3. We like the artwork but of course like the first picture the best.

    1. Well of course you do, be sure to check out our post on the 20th. It's Tock Day featuring Fenris & Tuiren on our blog. The cats are hanging over at the Tabby Cat Club.

  4. Those all came out great. I prefer the first one too though.

  5. Fenris and Tuiren, you sure look good inside of that artwork! You both are furry art-worthy!

  6. Those look great!

    Purrs xx
    Athena and Marie


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