Fenris Friday

Mommy went nuts taking pictures. I was busily watching for squirrels when she distracted me.

Back to the squirrel watch.

Tuiren is NOT a good squirrel watcher, she tends to go to sleep and leave the watching to me.

In fact Tuiren is a terrible guard dog. She barks at all the WRONG things. I am slowly teaching her that we do NOT bark at wildlife.

On the other paw we do BARK AT PEOPLE that come up in our yard. ~Fenris, for ATCAD


  1. I finks you are a pawsome teacher Fenris....those squirrels do need serious watching!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. Fenris you are doing a great job of keeping your family safe. Millie is quite the watcher too and is the first to bark at any perceived danger.

  3. I have to say that these photos look as if you are in a magical trance! Guarding well.

  4. Sounds like you are a great squirrel watcher and guard doggy, Fenris!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  5. You do a fangtastic job of Squirrel Patrol, Fenris. To Bark or Not to Bark... those are the questions.

  6. We have been on Squirrel Watch a lot this week - those darn tree rats are everywhere!!! And they get up in the trees and jabber jaw at us. We do BARK at them.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. You're a great teacher, Fenris, and so patient ! Purrs

  8. People do NOT belong in your yard, but wildlife does! Well done, Fenris!

  9. I was not aware of these barking rules, F. My rule of thumb is when in doubt - bark. Ask questions later. Yes. I bark at flies and leaves and the buzzer for the clothes dryer and.... pretty much anything.

    Love and licks,

    1. Oh Cupcake, you has a lot to learn. I hardly ever bark. ~Fenris

      Good thing because when he does bark it is very LOUD. ~Mom

  10. MJF used to be a master barker...but his deafness has quieted him down, BOL! The silver lining no doubt...Dalton so far is a barker when he feels the need to alert. Mostly at pawppy...sheesh, we do hope he gets more trusting with pawppy...though slowly, slowly he is.

    Keep up the good bark-guard work Fenris:)


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