Sunday Selfie with Chimera

OK, let me get the selfie out of the way so we can move on to other stuffs.

Now that you have feasted on my loveliness we can discuss sleeping spots. The bed of course is a good place to sleep.

Windows are nice to and have several advantages over the bed.

Advantage #1, no one makes you get out of the window so they can fold clothes.

Mommy is very RUDE about making us get off the bed when she is folding clothes.

Does your Mom ever make you get off the bed when you are sleeping?

Chimera, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Chimera, that was a lovely selfie! And you should always be on the bed whenever you want a nap.

  2. Sorry, Chimera, we are still busy feasting on your loveliness...

    The Chans

  3. Every day of my life, Chi! She thinks she owns the bed! Ugh!

    Love and licks,

  4. You are such a beautiful kitty! And I can't believe that your mom makes you get off the bed for a silly task like folding clothes.

  5. What wonderful selfies today Chimera and oh yes, our Mama makes sure we are off the bed while she is folding the laundry and putting it away!
    Jakey, Arty & Rosy

  6. My mama moves me from papa's side to HER side in the evening or he'd never get somewhere to sleep!

  7. You are adorable, Chimera. It can be very annoying when you have to leave the b...ed, bu I trained Granny very well...when I'm in, she's out...MOL :D Pawkisses for an Easy Sunday :) <3

  8. Best selfies are those on a bed, whatever that bed may be. Of course action selfies are really nice too but way too much like hard work. MOL

  9. Great selfies, Chimera ! Purrs

  10. You are looking great today Chimera. We get kicked out of the bed every morning when our pawrents make it. That is so unfair.

  11. Very pretty selfies. I never make my cats get off the bed.

  12. Beautiful girl with a beautiful name!

  13. Chimera, Angel loves to sleep in the clean clothes while they are in the basket. Once we start putting them away, she's off like a shot!

  14. What a beauteous kitty you are Chimera! Even if you get shooed off the bed...sigh...


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