Fenris Friday Furry Favourites

 It's that time of year again we are hard at work on calendars, X-mas Cards and such. Part of it is sorting through all the photographs to find pictures to use. Only the very best will do. I did a pawesome modeling session back in May with the Mom. My soulful look with my stick pal. This would look great on the calendar Mom.

 My regal look and I even crossed my paws for you.

 Another regal look.

 Scylla, Chimera and Yang did a group session. Scylla nailed the over the shoulder look.

 Tuiren was more interested in treats than modeling.

 Yinny as usually did some good work. She even showed off her cute little paws.

 Now this is a really good picture of Yin. I like the way it shows up her eyes.

This one was nice, but maybe the photographer (Mom) was a bit to far away. ~Fenris, reporting for ATCAD


  1. I think they are all very nice photos!

  2. Those are all great shots of everyone. We bet your mom can make a super calendar from them.

  3. With all those great photos, your Mom may have to make a few calendars!!!

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  4. Great photos and such cute little paws on our black beauty. Love, Loulou

  5. So many cute photos. Mom usually has 99 total duds and one barely, partly salvageable shot.

    Love and licks,

  6. we are in the same boat as you, we made a kitchen calendar for us last year from photos and we will probably do that again. We have to hold off a bit (maybe Monday) for ordering that and our Christmas cards....they are expensive!!

  7. pawsitively awesome photo sessions. Luvluvluv the group photo

  8. Lovely pictures f all of your Fenris!
    Petcretary also has been oh so furry busy and bogged down with all kinds of chores ad such.
    So we went through many of your November posts to catch up! Lots of good pictures, and 'stories' too.


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