Modeling Monday

 Mancat Monday is lacking in Mancats, in fact it sort of went to the dogs.  I hope it is OK with you if a Lady Dog host today. We had a nice Thanksgiving, Mommy brought me some ice. Mommy says I am weird because I likes to eat ice.

 Mommy is still sorting pictures so you get to see some of the pictures she deemed PURRFECT. Bet you didn't know doggies could purr, I have been practicing and OK it does sound more like gRRRRRRRR, but Mommy knows what I mean.

 Here is our handsome Fenris making eyes at the camera.

 Mommy says I look happy in this photo and she LOVES my smile.

 Chimera is looking charming as always.

And here is one of me and Fenris together. ~Tuiren, reporting for ATCAD


  1. Yes, that is pretty funny that Yang didn't show up for Mancat Monday, but I'm glad you all filled in!

    1. He got his days confused and will be here tomorrow.

  2. Y'all do look seriously terrific today, enjoy your lazy!

  3. Doggies can always fill in!

  4. Any day that shows off the furry family is a good day to us!

  5. Tuiren you sure do have a big smile on your face and seeing you puts a big one on Walter's face too. Millie also wanted to comment on how beautiful Fenris' blue eyes are. {{Sigh}} We think it was great that you two took over the blog today...well you did include Chimera too.

  6. After this beautiful photoshoot, we bet those mancats won't miss another Mancat Monday:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  7. Wow, Fenris you are evfur so handsome!
    Tuiren is even more pretty when she smiles and Chimera you are so sweet and demure:)


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