Note from Tuiren

Dearest Friends,
We are all OK. Mom is just super busy and tired so no pictures and just a quick note from me. We got that white stuff y'all call snow last week, I has to say I wasn't impressed. For one thing Mommy made me sleep in the house because she said it was too cold outside even in my cozy doghouse. For another it rained all day. Mommy says to be fair our "snow" was mostly rain with a few snow flurries mixed in. And it didn't really stick to the ground. Mommy said we maybe had a tablespoon of the stuff on the ground. In Meridian where our Grandparents live they had about 3 inches.

Anyway we hope everyone is OK, and we will try to do better blogging. ~Tuiren


  1. You got snow! Too bad you didn't get to go to your grandpawrents so you could play in it. We've got lots on the ground today and more to come for the next few days. We are so excited to spend some time playing in it. Don't worry about not blogging. It is a busy time of year. Of course Walter does miss seeing your beautiful face.

  2. We can't believe you got snow!

  3. We had about 5 inches...and cold winds, too. We are glad we can be inside.


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