Thursday in the Garden

Mums like cold weather.

Our Butterfly plant is safe in the greenhouse.

Snapdragons like cold weather too.

We thought you might enjoy some pictures of the geese.

Fenris is very amusing when they fly over the backyard he chases them and barks at them. Unless Fen learns to fly we don't think the geese have anything to worry about.

He never barks at them when they are down at the pond though. Apparently he thinks they BELONG there.

Bad Mommy left her camera at Uncle Jeffrey's, we hope someone will go retrieve it soon as without it Mommy can't take pictures of wildlife.

Reporting from the Hummingbird Cottage.~ATCAD


  1. Great pics - the geese are so pretty!

  2. Such a great place for animal. My little garden is a bit pinched....mama would love a potting shed but...
    LOVE the geese.

  3. Your post today warmed us up a bit. We are in a deep freeze right now with wind chills below zero. It's too cold to go outside to play so we are having fun inside instead.

  4. Beautiful wildlife, and so pretty flowers ! Purrs

  5. Is so nice to see summery pictures in the bleak midwinter!


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